Let's talk about the real stuff for a second. While you may be seeing a carefully curated selection of beautiful photos that photographers post, truth is, the photos don't reflect the experience. But the experience is just as important as the results. No one wants to look at their photos and remember if things didn't go too well. An image can easily be attached to a feeling and from where I'm stood, I like to make sure it's a good one. Below is a glimpse of what you can expect from me during our journey.


my approach

The way I do things

Every wedding is unique and you spend a lot of time carefully selecting what will be a part of it. From decor to your guests, you have selected them for a reason and I believe that these things deserve a place in your gallery. Your heirloom jewelry, the hug from a cousin you haven't seen in a while, the photo of your pet hidden in your jacket. They represent up what your wedding is about: Love.
This is why I pay special attention to


is at the forefront of my intentions. Instead of focusing on creating moments, I prefer to document the ones that are happening in real time. Don't worry though, I will still gently direct you during your bridal session to make sure you are comfortable. It's all about finding the perfect balance to provide you with photos that truly reflect how your wedding day unfolded.


It is no surprise that the wedding industry can be complex and it is normal to be nervous when starting your journey. My goal is to make a difference in my couple's lives and to offer them a safe space where we can have open discussions about whatever they want. I also seek out the same response from them so we can have solid grounds on which to build our relationship. This is why I deeply value

Respect and trust

is the word I'd use to describe all my actions. I do what I do with passion but make sure that my intentions are always known. My priority will always be you. At the end of the day, I am here to document your love story and represent you in a way that is true to yourselves. It's not about what I think or what I like, though I am always happy to share my vision with you. What actually matters that you are happy from our first interactions to the reception of your gallery.