A bit of a bittersweet news, but...


For 2024-2025, I've made the choice to focus only on the photography side of my business. It wasn't an easy decision and it is only temporary. Why, you may ask? I have been working on weddings for about 8 years now. 5 of which have been while offering both photography and flowers. As much as I've loved every second of it, you can imagine it is quite time consuming. Which means I simply do not have the time to invest in new projects. There is an idea that has been burning the back of my mind for years now. And I'm at a level in my career where I can see it happening. But I will need time. Lots of it. Time that I'm usually spending with my hands in buckets and blooms. So, in order to make my dreams happen, I had to let go of another one.

I promise that this is all for a greater cause and that soon enough, it will make sens. My love for the floral art has not and will not die. It will only grow bigger in due time.

Thank you all for the support, trust and encouragement. I'm going to put all my effort into creating this new chapter for all of you to enjoy.

With much love,