Welcome to H3Katelier.

This is one of the very few places where you can book both your photography and floral services under a same roof! I've been a part of the wedding industry for many years and I've often heard how stressful it is for future brides and grooms to plan their big day. There is just so much to think of and no one wants to miss a single detail. So why not save yourself some time (and a headache) and book a consultation with me? You will be surprised how far I will go to make your dream wedding happen!

About Me

Hi, I am Veronique Levesque.

I am a photographer and floral designer. I am proud to say I have many skills, yet, describing myself has never been one of them. That is why I'd rather let my work speak for myself! What I can say though, is that I will always give you my 110% to make sure your experience with me will be memorable. Open mind, patience, attention to both your needs and every detail are the reasons why you will not regret putting your trust in my work. Can't wait to create for you!

Oh hey, that's me!

Available Services

Couples & families

From my very first real photographer's job at a commercial studio, I had a thing for couple's sessions. It just felt natural to me and watching two people love each other through my camera was simply bringing me joy. This in interest then turned into a passion that I carried into my now professional career. The connections I've created with each couples are amazing and I will always be thankful for the trust people put into my work.


After some years as a studio and concert photographer, I felt like I needed to try something new. I always loved the challenge of the unexpected in concerts, so I figured that weddings would be the closest thing in terms of having little to no control over the situation. At the time, I had no idea this new interest would turn into my career. And I am loving it more and more with every couple I meet!

Floral design

My ventures in floral design are really an example of "turning your passion into your job". I've been obsessed with flowers for as long as I can remember. Buying bouquets for my mom has been one of my favorites. Any occasion was a good reason for flowers. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by the things I love everyday. Giving you your dream arrangements is my way of thanking the universe for the incredible opportunity.



“Veronique is fantastic at what she does! Not only did our photos rock, she made our wedding day go so smooth. She was attentive and made us feel comfortable. I would absolutely recommend H3Katelier to everyone.”